Inactive/Deactivated Certificate or Degree Applications

If it has been longer than one year since a student was admitted and the student did not enroll at the Carey Business School during that time, a new application and all supporting documents must be submitted.

Admission to Other Schools of the University

Carey Business School students who wish to transfer to one of the other schools in the university are required to submit an admission application to that school. Documentation submitted to the Carey Business School will not be forwarded to any other school in the university. Admission to the Carey Business School establishes no claim or priority for admission to any other school in the university.

Deferring Admission

Admitted students must accept the offer of admission and pay the non-refundable enrollment deposit (including initial and final deposits for full-time MS programs) prior to requesting a deferral. Once the offer of admission has been accepted and all enrollment deposits have been paid, a student must submit a written deferral request to and a deferral request form will be posted to the student's admitted student portal. Once the completed form has been submitted and processed, the deferral request will be considered and the applicant will be notified of their decision by e-mail. The offer of admission is only valid for a maximum of one year. Scholarships are not deferrable—all scholarship recipients will be reconsidered for a scholarship for the next year.

Conditional Admission

An applicant may be admitted on a conditional basis pending the completion of clearly defined conditions stated in their offer of admission letter. These conditions may include:

  • official transcripts with degree conferred,
  • official course by course evaluation with degree conferred,
  • the completion of MBA Math or other requirements.

To successfully complete the condition, the applicant must fulfill the required condition within the time frame stated in the offer of admission.

Upon successfully meeting all of the conditions, students are notified by email that they are fully admitted to the program to which they have applied. Applicants who do not successfully meet all of the specified conditions within the stated time frame are notified in writing and cannot graduate from the Carey Business School.

Note: Applicants who have been conditionally admitted are not eligible for disbursement of financial aid.

Authorization for Online Courses 

State authorization is subject to change according to the states in which the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is authorized to recruit for online programs. Currently, the Carey Business School is authorized to recruit in all states for online programs. Applicants should, however, contact if there are questions regarding a particular state.