John Toscano
James Barclay Knapp Dean (Interim)

Veronica Donahue
Associate Dean, Advanced Academic Programs

David Brant
Executive Director, Enrollment Management Services

Amy Carmack
Director, Student Services

Tammy Stuart Peery
Faculty and Academic Affairs Officer

Haydn Kuprevich
Executive Director, Marketing


Applied Economics

Laurence Ball
Program Chair

Matt Parrett
Program Director (Interim)

Ahmed Mahmud
Associate Program Director

Genevieve Briand
Assistant Program Director

Biotechnology Studies

Joel Schildbach
Program Chair

Robert Lessick 
Center Director (Interim);
Program Director, Biotechnology (Interim) 

Alexandra Tan
Program Director, Health Science Intensive

Zuri Obado
Academic Advisor, Health Science Intensive

Thomas Colonna
Program Director, Food Safety Regulation and Regulatory Science;
Program Director, Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 

Meredith Safford
Assistant Program Director, Biotechnology

Karen Wells
Senior Lecturer, Biotechnology

Katherine Wellman
Assistant Program Director, Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 

Beatrice Kondo
Assistant Program Director, Biotechnology, Post Master’s Certificate in Sequence Analysis and Genomics

Emil Wang
Program Coordinator, Regulatory Science

Jonathan Helfgott
Program Coordinator, Regulatory Science

Mary Donohue
Program Coordinator, Biotechnology

Sherry Ogg
Senior Lecturer, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics


Brad Leithauser
Program Chair

Taylor Hahn
Program Director

Kristen Willet
Assistant Program Director

Patricia Hernandez 
Program Coordinator

Environmental Programs

Thomas Haine
Program Chair

Daniel Zachary
Program Director, Energy Policy and Climate

Jerry Burgess
Program Director, Environmental Sciences and Policy;
Program Director, Geographic Information Systems

Geri Miller
Associate Program Director, Geographic Information Systems

Jenn da Rosa
Program Coordinator, Environmental Sciences and Policy;
Program Coordinator, Energy Policy and Climate

Cassandra Hansen
Program Coordinator, Environmental Sciences and Policy;
Program Coordinator, Energy Policy and Climate

Film & Media Studies

Douglas Mao
Program Chair

Tim Perell
Program Director

Gabo Arora
Assistant Program Director

Governmental Studies

Benjamin Ginsberg
Program Chair

Kathy Wagner Hill
Director, Center for Advanced Governmental Studies

Sarah O’Byrne
Assistant Director, Center for Advanced Governmental Studies

Dorothea Wolfson
Program Director, Government

Mark Stout
Program Director, Global Security Studies 

Paul Weinstein Jr.
Program Director, Public Management

Jennifer Bachner
Program Director, Data Analytics and Policy

Kevin Cross
Program Director, Intelligence Analysis

Jack O’Connor
Program Director, Geospatial Intelligence

Karin Orr
Program Director, Non-Governmental Organization Management
Program Director, Nonprofit Management

Master of Liberal Arts

Pier M. Larson
Program Chair

Laura DeSisto
Program Director

Tristan Cabello
Assistant Director

Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage Management, Digital Curation

Rebecca M. Brown
Program Chair

Phyllis Hecht
Program Director, Museum Studies

Sarah Chicone
Program Director, Cultural Heritage Management

Karen Wizevich
Assistant Director, Museum Studies

Stephanie Brown
Program Coordinator, Museum Studies

Joyce Ray
Program Coordinator, Digital Curation

Research Administration

Benjamin Ginsberg
Program Chair

Marianne Woods
Program Director

Writing, Science Writing, & Teaching Writing

Brad Leithauser
Program Chair

Karen Houppert
Program Director, Writing, Teaching Writing, Science Writing

Mark Farrington
Assistant Program Director, Teaching Writing

Melissa Joyce
Associate Program Director, Science Writing

Sam Apple
Program Coordinator, Science Writing