M.D. Candidates

Tuition rates are determined annually by the Board of Trustees. Annual tuition covers studies carried out during the entire 12-month period between enrollments (ordinarily September-August).

All M.D. candidates will be charged at the M.D. rate for a total of four years. Irrespective of the actual scheduling of the medical and graduate portions of their education, students in M.D.-Ph.D. programs will ordinarily be required to pay M.D. rate tuition for the first four years in such programs. Tuition for the remaining years will be assessed annually at the M.D. rate or at the established University Ph.D. rate, whichever is lower. Alternative schedules for payments at the M.D. rate by students in M.D.-Ph.D. programs must be approved by the Vice Dean for Education.

Students who repeat a portion of the M.D. program will be assessed tuition at the annually established rate. Tuition is prorated to period of enrollment.

There is a $25 annual fee for Student in Residence status.

Graduate Students-Ph.D. and M.A. Candidates

Tuition for each 12 month period (September-August) of enrollment will be at the rate established by the University for Ph.D. candidates.

Visiting Medical Students

Visiting medical students are assessed registration fees based on the elective type, duration of elective, and LCME-accreditation status.  Additional information can be found at http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/som/students/policies/visitors.html.

Part-Time Degree Candidates

These students will be assessed tuition at the part-time rate established for the degree for which they are a candidate.

Special Students (Non-Degree Candidates)

Tuition will be assessed at the part-time rates established by the University for Ph.D. candidates.

Postdoctoral Students (Fellows)

Tuition for postdoctoral students who are not members of the Johns Hopkins Hospital house staff is $800 per annum, pro-rated in relation to period of enrollment. Tuition may be remitted as specified by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.1