University-Wide Policies and Information

The University-wide Policies and Information section of the Academic Catalogue includes academic and non-academic university policies as of June 2022  that pertain to students across Johns Hopkins University. All students are responsible for observing relevant University policies and meeting relevant University requirements as they are set forth here and in other official University sources.  The University reserves the right to add, remove, or revise policies whenever such an action is deemed appropriate or necessary.  The most current version of each policy can be accessed in the online Policies and Document Library, a searchable resource for all university-level policies, statements, and guidelines.

Please note that policies specific to each of the University’s nine academic divisions are included within the Academic Catalogue. In addition to observing relevant University policies and requirements, students are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to any applicable policies and regulations that may be instituted by their individual school(s).

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) collaborates with university partners and divisional leaders to publish this Academic Catalogue. The OUR also establishes university-wide operational guidelines pertaining to student record processes, management, and other components of the academic experience at the university in collaboration with other university partners. The operational guidelines and the mission statement of OUR is available on The Office of the University Registrar website.