The Juris Doctor and Master's of Public Health (JD/MPH) dual degree program prepares students in the overlapping fields of law, public health, policy and ethics.

Graduates earn a JD degree from their accredited U.S. law school and an MPH degree from the Bloomberg School. Both degrees are awarded upon completion of the program.

Students can enter the program after completing a minimum of two full-time semesters (one year) in law school. 

Coursework must be completed in the 11-month, full-time format. Learn more about the MPH curriculum.

How to Apply

The JD/MPH program applicants must apply to the MPH program through SOPHAS and request a leave of absence for one year from law school. Applicants not yet enrolled in law school must apply separately to the Bloomberg School and an accredited U.S. law school.

Additional Course Requirements

While the dual degree program follows the same requirements as the full-time standalone MPH program, the following additional course requirements are required for MPH completion:

Public Health and the Law
PH.306.650Public Health and the Law3
One of the Following Elective Courses in Ethics and Public Health:
PH.180.638Animals in Research: Ethics1
PH.221.616Ethics and Global Public Health Practice2
PH.221.666Introduction to American Indian Health Research Ethics2
PH.306.601Introduction to Bioethics in Public Health Practice and Research1
PH.306.655Ethical Issues in Public Health3
PH.306.663Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services Management3
PH.306.665Research Ethics and integrity3
PH.700.601Foundations of Bioethics3
PH.700.602Hot Topics in Bioethics3
PH.700.603Introduction to Ethical Theory3
PH.700.604Methods in Bioethics3
PH.700.605Critical Reasoning for Bioethics2
PH.700.621Ethics in Clinical Practice: Fundamentals, Problems and Approaches3
PH.700.622Bioethics, Human Rights, and Global Health3
PH.700.625Bioethics and the Law3
PH.700.630Food Ethics3
PH.700.632Ethics, Policy, and Emerging Biomedical Technologies3
PH.700.643Understanding Addiction: Philosophy, Science, Ethics3
PH.700.665Introduction to Ethics of U.S. and International Human Subject Research2
PH.700.667Catastrophe Ethics: How to Respond to Public Health Disasters2
PH.700.668Nutrition & Food Equity and Ethics2

**Please note that the MPH will be awarded upon completion of the JD degree. Students should submit a BSPH graduation application in January of the year that they’ll earn the JD.