Spanish for the Professions Minor Requirements

The Spanish for the Professions Minor consists of 6 courses. All students must take the Spanish language placement exam before registering for a Spanish course. Speakers with prior language proficiency should consult with the Spanish minor advisor about the waiver of language courses. Note, however, that a waived language course may not be used to substitute for one of the six required courses of the minor. All minor requirements must be completed with a grade of C or better and may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. One course taught in English may be counted towards the minor requirements.

AS.210.311Advanced Spanish I3
AS.210.313Medical Spanish3
or AS.210.314 Spanish for International Commerce
or AS.210.315 Spanish for International Relations
or AS.210.318 Spanish for Engineering
AS.210.411Translation for the Professions3
AS.210.412Community Based Learning - Spanish Language Practicum3
One course AS.215.2xx-4xx or AS.210.3xx-4xx 3
One course AS.215.4xx3
Total Credits18