Student and Academic Handbook

The Johns Hopkins SAIS Student and Academic Handbook, also known as "The Red Book," is a compilation of policies, regulations and procedures for students. Its purpose is two-fold: to communicate the standards of The Johns Hopkins University that support and guide life at Johns Hopkins SAIS as part of the greater JHU community and to describe the academic policies and procedures that form a framework for conducting the school's teaching mission. Of particular importance is the Honor Code, which sets out the behavioral standards expected of all Johns Hopkins SAIS students.

The information contained here is not available in any other school publication, and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with its contents. Students should also familiarize themselves with university policies and statements. Questions should be directed to Academic Affairs.

While the "Red Book" is updated yearly, the policies and procedures detailed here are subject to revision at any time, and any changes will communicated to students only through their assigned JHU e-mail addresses. It is imperative that students activate and monitor this account so as not to miss these and other important announcements and messages throughout the year.