Pet Guidelines

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all employees and students. As such, and consistent with Johns Hopkins University Policy Number HSE025, The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing prohibits domestic pets or animal companions in restricted access areas* of University buildings, except for service animals or those animals for which express written consent of the facilities director has been given with support from aligned leadership. 

In addition, The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing discourages faculty, staff, and students from bringing their household pets to work. Animals may cause serious allergic reactions in some community members, distract working service animals, and some community members may feel threatened or be distracted by the presence of pets.  

Individuals not in compliance with this guideline will be completely and solely liable for any injuries or damage to personal property or people caused by the animal. Any repair or cleaning/maintenance costs to The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing caused by an animal will be charged in full to the owner. 

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing shall not be liable for loss of, or injury to, any animal brought to the school. 

Information regarding violations of this guideline may be submitted via the suggestion boxes located throughout the building or to a manager. 

This statement does not pertain to service or assistance animals in the school or clinical practice sites. For information regarding service and assistance animals, see the Service and Assistance Animal Policy at   

*Restricted areas refers to housing potential or known hazards whose entrance is restricted to authorized individuals.  That includes, but is not limited to, research, teaching, and clinical laboratories, maintenance shops, mechanical/electrical spaces and construction areas, and any areas where chemicals are handled or stored.