Inter-Institutional Academic Arrangements

Johns Hopkins Interdivisional Registration

Within the Johns Hopkins University system, interdivisional registration (IDR) extends for Peabody students to courses offered by the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the Carey Business School, and the School of Education.

Peabody students must request cross-registration through the Office of the Registrar. Credit sought for any other courses taken outside the Conservatory during the period of a student’s enrollment must be approved in writing by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students may submit an Academic Petition to request that Homewood graduate seminars, listed as zero credits, be articulated for Peabody credit.

Baltimore Collegetown Network

Peabody, as a division of Johns Hopkins, is part of the Baltimore Collegetown Network.  Full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors may take one for-credit course per semester at one of the other participating institutions.  A course taken at another school operates by the policies and on the schedule of the host institution, but the grade is articulated to the student’s academic record by the policies of the Peabody Conservatory.   For more information about taking a class at a nearby college, see: the Baltimore Collegetown website.

Peabody Preparatory

Music and dance non-credit instruction is available through the Peabody Preparatory at 25% discounted rates for Peabody Conservatory students.  Students wishing to take non-credit private music lessons must go through placement interviews/auditions.  Lessons are scheduled on a space-available basis.  For more information on group classes or private lessons, please visit the Preparatory website or contact the Preparatory via email  or call 667-208-6640.