Drug Testing Policy

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has clinical and other educational affiliations that may require students to submit to drug testing before attending clinical. Because of this, students are required to complete a drug screen upon admission and yearly (or more frequently, depending on site requirements). Students required to complete testing will be notified of the process and are responsible for any associated fees. Students must use the designated vendor for testing. Failure to complete this requirement in a timely fashion may result in the loss of a clinical placement and progression in the program. Students may not start clinical without all compliance items completed according to the Clinical Placements Policy. 

Students in programs requiring clinical components must abide by site-specific policies related to drug and alcohol testing and prescription drug use, including the use of marijuana. The curriculum of all clinical programs requires students to rotate through multiple clinical sites. Students who choose to use marijuana (whether legalized or not), illicit drugs, or controlled substances may not be able to complete the required rotations because of site-specific requirements. The inability to rotate through the required clinical sites will result in failure to meet course objectives and will prevent progression in the program.  

If a student receives a positive drug test, the Clinical Placements Office will notify the associate dean for academic affairs and the student’s program director who will meet with the student to discuss the viability of continuing in the program.  

Students will be made aware of their rights, which may include additional medical review based on the test vendor’s policies. JHSON does not participate in the medical review process. Results of drug testing, background checks and other compliance items are provided to clinical sites as required. If the student is a registered nurse, positive results may involve notifications to Boards of Nursing. 

During the review process, the student cannot attend any clinical rotation. If the review does not change the test's outcome or if the student forgoes the medical review, JHSON, through its appropriate academic administrators, reserves the right to order a medical clearance evaluation, suspend, and/or dismiss the student from the School 

If the student is permitted to continue in the program, they will be subject to conditions including but not limited to mandatory, randomized drug testing or at determined intervals that will be based on the drug(s) that initially tested positive. As a condition for remaining in the program, the program director or designee may require the student to seek rehabilitation, counseling, treatment, or other services designed to ensure that the student remains in compliance with this policy  

JHSON has no obligation to refund tuition and fees or make any other accommodations if a student’s drug test renders them ineligible to complete required courses or to obtain a license to practice nursing.