ME.360.602.  Scientific Foundations of Medicine-Cell Physiology.  0 Credits.  
ME.360.699.  Physiology Elective.  0 Credits.  

For Medical Students only. Specialized Topics in Physiology. Refer to Medical Student Electives Book located at

ME.360.720.  Organ Physiology.  6 Credits.  

The course provides a basic understanding of the many different aspects of the internal structure and function of the body. It aims to present a comprehensive survey of the complex interrelationships that exist between the structure and function of cells and organs.

ME.360.728.  Pathways and Regulation.  2 Credits.  

This course will cover the principles of membrane transport, bioenergetics, metabolic pathways, cell cycle and cell death with particular emphasis on regulatory mechanisms including receptor-mediated signaling, small GTPases, lipid molecules, kinases and phosphatases.

ME.360.733.  Renal Physiology.  1 Credit.  


ME.360.734.  Cardiovascular Physiology.  1 Credit.  


ME.360.735.  Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology.  2 Credits.  


ME.360.736.  Pulmonary Physiology.  1 Credit.  


ME.360.737.  Gastrointestinal Physiology.  1 Credit.  


ME.360.800.  Research.  0 Credits.  

Lab Research

ME.360.801.  Current Physiology.  1 Credit.  

Students are required to attend all Physiology Department Seminars, which will be posted throughout the department. Also, students are required to attend 12 luncheons with seminar speakers. For six of the seminars, the students will be required to read a relevant paper from the speaker's lab prior to the seminar (a relevant paper can be found by searching the web). After the seminar, students will write a 300-500 word summary of the talk (including 5 or more references) and submit to Madeline the Tuesday after the seminar.

ME.360.802.  Research - BCMB.  0 Credits.  

Thesis Research