Public recitals are required for the completion of all undergraduate and graduate performance degrees and diplomas. All recitals must be scheduled through the procedures established by the Concert Office and in strict observation of the established deadlines. Students must be registered for major lessons during the semester in which they give a degree recital.

All degree recitals must take place on campus. Exceptions to this rule are rarely granted only under exceptional circumstances and with the written permission of the major teacher and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Grades given for off-campus recitals may not be contested.

Students must earn at least a B- on all recitals in order to meet the standards for satisfactory academic progress. Any grade below B- is deemed an unsatisfactory grade and requires the student to retake the recital in the following semester.

Recital Repertoire

Degree recitals are solo recitals of repertoire selected with the approval of the major teacher. All recital repertoire should be new repertoire studied during the student’s residency at Peabody. Students are not permitted to perform repertoire learned at previous institutions, performed at the entrance audition for Peabody, or performed at a hearing/jury in the student’s current program. Solo performances are normally given from memory.

In instrumental areas other than piano, chamber works may be performed on the recital with the written permission of the major teacher and clearance from the Ensemble Office attesting to the availability of the other performers and the feasibility of the repertoire. Students who wish to perform ensemble works that are contained within the Ensemble Library holdings are allowed to check out the music, subject to availability, by submitting a music requisition form. Music from the Ensemble Library must be returned within one week following the recital.

Students who program works that are only available on a rental basis must make their rental arrangements through the Ensemble Office, which acts as Peabody ombudsman for copyright compliance. Rental parts are rented on a per performance basis, and students may only use rental sets for the exact performance for which they are obtained. An approved music requisition form must be submitted at least six weeks before the recital date. Students may not negotiate directly with music publishers for performances presented at Peabody or under the aegis of Peabody.

All proposed recital programs must meet the minimum-maximum required performance time for the degree in order to be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Concert Office (see below for specific limitations).

Credit, Scheduling and Grades

A degree recital is a course. The course number for a degree recital is listed in the curricula for each degree and diploma. To receive credit for a recital, students must register for the course number through the registration process used for all other courses at Peabody. Unlike other courses, however, a degree recital requires special scheduling. To accommodate all students with an equitable division of resources, all degree recitals must be scheduled and performed within the guidelines set by the Concert Office.

All degree recitals are graded by two faculty members: the major teacher and a second faculty member from the department. Recital grades are submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs and recorded in SIS when received.

Specific Recitals


Students majoring in guitar, jazz, violin, violoncello, and viola performance are required to give a junior recital in their third year of study. This junior recital takes the place of the 309 jury. Students in other departments may elect to play a junior recital off-campus or as a non-degree recital (see the requirements for Non-Degree Recitals below) but must still complete a 309 jury.

All junior recitals must be completed before April 1 of each academic year.

Performance Time (in minutes of music) for Junior Recitals

Major Minimum Maximum
Guitar 25 60
Jazz 30 60
Violin/Viola 25 60


All undergraduate students majoring in performance are required to give a senior recital in their final year of study. All senior recitals must be completed before April 1 of each academic year.

When registering for their senior recital, students should register following the course number:

PY.410.701Brass Recital (Undergraduate)2
PY.310.701Composition Recital (UG)2
Computer Music
PY.350.701Computer Music Recital (UG)2
PY.470.701Guitar Recital (UG)2
PY.420.701Harp Recital (UG)2
Historical Performance
PY.380.701Historical Performance Recital (UG)2
PY.570.701Jazz Recital (UG)2
PY.460.701Organ Recital (UG)2
PY.415.701Percussion Recital (UG)2
PY.450.701Piano Recital (UG)2
PY.425.701Strings Recital (UG)2
PY.530.701Voice Recital (UG)2
PY.430.701Woodwinds Recital (UG)2

Performance Time (in minutes of music) for Senior Recitals:

Major Minimum Maximum
Composition 50 60
Guitar 50 60
Historical Performance 50 60
Jazz 50 60
Orchestral Instruments 50 60
Piano1 and Organ 50 60
Voice 45 60


MM students majoring in performance are required to perform a departmental hearing at the end of their first year of study and a recital in their second year of study. Students are strongly encouraged to perform their MM recital in their third or fourth semester.

MM students should register with the appropriate recital course number:

PY.410.721Brass Recital (GR 1)2
PY.330.721Conducting Recital (GR 1)2
Ensemble Arts
PY.450.721Piano/Ens.Arts Recital (GR 1)2
PY.470.721Guitar Recital (GR 1)2
PY.420.721Harp Recital (GR 1)2
Historical Performance
PY.380.721Historical Performance Recital (GR 1)2
PY.460.721Organ Recital (GR 1)2
PY.415.721Percussion Recital (GR 1)2
Piano 1
PY.450.721Piano/Ens.Arts Recital (GR 1)2
PY.425.721Strings Recital (GR 1)2
PY.530.721Voice Recital (GR 1)2
PY.430.721Woodwinds Recital (GR 1)2

MM Recitals should be comprised of 50 to 60 minutes of programmed music.


GPD students majoring in performance are required to play two recitals as part of their diploma requirements. GPD students majoring in voice may use an opera role in lieu of one of the two recitals, but only if the role has been approved by the Voice Department as being of appropriate size and scope. Students must formally register for a GPD recital through the Concert Office and specify the operatic role as the repertoire selection.

Major Recuital 1 Recital 2
Brass PY.410.721 PY.410.722
Conducting PY.330.721 PY.330.722
Guitar PY.470.721 PY.470.722
Harp PY.420.721 PY.420.722
Historical Performance PY.380.721 PY.380.722
Jazz PY.570.721 PY.570.722
Organ PY.460.721 PY.460.722
Percussion PY.415.721 PY.415.722
Piano1 PY.450.721 PY.450.722
Ensemble Arts PY.450.721 PY.450.722
Strings PY.425.721 PY.425.722
Voice PY.530.721 PY.530.722
Woodwinds PY.430.721 PY.430.722

GPD recitals should be comprised of 50 to 60 minutes of programmed music. 


DMA students majoring in performance are required to play a minimum of three recitals. Students must be registered for major lessons during the semester in which a recital is presented. Exceptions to this include only the chamber music recital and the lecture-recital.

DMA students are required to prepare one-page program notes of publishable quality for each recital. These program notes must be approved by a full-time member of the Musicology Department before the recital program will be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.

DMA students should register with the appropriate recital course numbers:

Major DMA 1 DMA 2 DMA 3 DMA 4 DMA 5 DMA 6
Solo 1 Solo 2 Solo 3 Concerto Chamber Lecture
Brass PY.410.721 PY.410.722 PY.410.723 PY.410.725 PY.410.726 PY.410.727
Conducting PY.330.721 PY.330.722 PY.330.723 PY.330.725 PY.330.726 PY.330.727
Guitar PY.470.721 PY.470.722 PY.470.723 PY.470.725 PY.470.726 PY.470.727
Harp PY.420.721 PY.420.722 PY.420.723 PY.420.725 PY.420.726 PY.420.727
Historical Performance PY.330.721 PY.380.722 PY.380.723 PY.380.725 PY.380.726 PY.380.727
Organ PY.460.721 PY.460.722 PY.460.723 PY.460.725 PY.460.726 PY.460.727
Percussion PY.415.721 PY.415.722 PY.415.723 PY.415.725 PY.415.726 PY.415.727
Piano PY.450.721 PY.450.722 PY.450.723 PY.450.725 PY.450.726 PY.450.727
Strings PY.425.721 PY.425.722 PY.425.723 PY.425.725 PY.425.726 PY.425.727
Voice PY.530.721 PY.530.722 PY.530.723 PY.530.725 PY.530.726 PY.530.727
Woodwinds PY.430.721 PY.430.722 PY.430.723 PY.430.725 PY.430.726 PY.430.727

DMA recitals should be comprised of 50 to 60 minutes of programmed music.

Lecture-recitals have the same minimum-maximum performance time as the other recitals in the program. However, the musical portion of the recital should not exceed twenty minutes.


Students in the AD program are required to present four public recitals, two in each academic year in which they are enrolled in lessons. AD students should register for the following recital course numbers:

Major AD 1 AD 2 AD 3 AD 4
Brass PY.410.721 PY.410.722 PY.410.723 PY.410.724
Conducting PY.330.721 PY.330.722 PY.330.723 PY.330.724
Guitar PY.470.721 PY.470.722 PY.470.723 PY.470.724
Harp PY.420.721 PY.420.722 PY.420.723 PY.420.724
Historical Performance PY.330.721 PY.330.722 PY.330.723 PY.330.724
Organ PY.460.721 PY.460.722 PY.460.723 PY.460.724
Percussion PY.415.721 PY.415.722 PY.415.723 PY.415.724
Piano PY.450.721 PY.450.722 PY.450.723 PY.450.724
Strings PY.425.721 PY.425.722 PY.425.723 PY.425.724
Voice PY.530.721 PY.530.722 PY.530.723 PY.530.724
Woodwinds PY.430.721 PY.430.722 PY.430.723 PY.430.724