Students are expected to take exams when scheduled. If a student encounters any unexpected extenuating circumstance and is unable to take the exam in the specified time frame, they should contact the course faculty immediately to avoid receiving a zero. The student will be required to provide documentation (i.e., medical excuse, accident report) to support the missed exam. It will be at the faculty member’s discretion to offer a make-up exam and decide when it will be offered. The make-up exam may be different from the original exam. Examinations are given in a variety of formats.

Onsite Online Exams Requiring a Proctor

Online exams taken at the SON require students to download and use LockDown Browser software during online examinations. Information will be provided by the instructor.

Offsite using Online Remote Proctoring

Exams requiring a proctor that will be taken remotely for degree or certificate courses require a designated online, remote proctoring service. In some situations, students will be recorded, visually and through audio, during the exam. Students should refer to their course site for further details on the designated remote proctoring service.

Students must take the online remotely proctored exam using the designated service and its software during the scheduled exam time noted in the online course site.

When taking an online remotely proctored exam, students must abide by the following instructions:

  • Use the designated remote proctoring service, and download and test any related required software as noted in the course site prior to the scheduled exam time.
  • Be sure to have a government-issued or school photo ID, because the remote proctoring service will ask them to present a photo ID to confirm their identity.
  • Use a laptop that meets the SON’s laptop requirement. Among other system requirements, a working microphone and webcam are required. Students are responsible for finding a site with stable internet connection. 
  • Complete the room scan as requested by the remote proctoring service to check for any exam environment violations (e.g., prohibited items such as other persons, books, papers, etc. in the exam environment). Any allowed/prohibited items will be relayed by the course coordinator in the remote proctoring instructions.
  • Not access any references, papers, books, notes, calculators, computer applications, or mobile devices unless otherwise noted.
  • Place scratch paper and/or a pencil/pen (as permissible) next to their computer before starting the exam if they would like to use them. Scratch paper must be shown front and back to the camera.
  • Not allow other persons to be within the exam environment.
  • Not use headphones or earbuds.