The Registrar’s Office is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Students may register using one of two convenient methods:

  • Online via SIS: Online registration is available via SIS self-service to students who are fully admitted and current in their program of study. During registration periods, SIS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Online Add/Drop Form: The SEAM's online form may be completed online. When submitted, this form is sent directly to the Registration Team for review and processing when registration in SIS is not available.

Registration Policies

Students are encouraged to register as early as possible during each registration period because a section may close before the end of registration. Please note that all outstanding debts to Johns Hopkins University must be paid in full in order to register for the following semester.

Students may not attend a class without being officially registered for that class. Auditing is not allowed at the Carey Business School.

Students may only register for classes during terms in which they have been formally admitted.

Online courses are typically reserved for students admitted to online programs or programs that require a combination of online and onsite coursework.

Course Schedule

The course schedule is available online.
Course information posted to this website is subject to change without advanced notice.

Adding a Course

A student wishing to add a course must do so by the end of the first week of the session.  Students may add courses by using one of the registration options mentioned above. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the Registration and Refund Deadlines. Online add/drop forms must be submitted with sufficient business time for processing prior to the start of the second week of the session.


Students attempting to register for a course that is full (is at its enrollment limit), may be placed on the waitlist by going to SIS self-service. Please note that students may be placed on the waitlist for only one section of a particular course. Students will be contacted via their JHU email address only if an opening occurs prior to the first class meeting of the course. Waitlisting for a course is not an official registration; therefore, no payment is required until a seat in the class is confirmed. Students may not attend classes for sections in which they are waitlisted.

When a seat becomes available in a course that has a waitlist, an email is sent out to waitlisted students’ JHU email addresses for however many seats are open. Waitlists do not operate in real-time. These emails are sent out each morning Monday-Friday, when applicable. Waitlists do not operate over the weekend.

Dropping a Course

Students may drop a course without financial penalty during the first week of the session via SIS self-service (see Registration and Refund Deadlines for exact dates). After the first week of the session, students who drop a course receive a pro-rated tuition refund in accordance with the Registration and Refund Deadlines for the session. Tuition refunds are calculated from the date of receipt of the add/drop form in the Registrar’s Office. Students dropping a course after the first class meeting should notify the instructor of their decision.

Note: Financial aid recipients will have their aid award adjusted according to credits registered.

Students dropping to less than half-time status may have their aid canceled and will be responsible for any debit balance created. Students using VA benefits should contact the VA Certifying Official in the Registrar’s Office when adding or dropping a course

Withdrawing from a Course

To withdraw from a course, students must submit a withdrawal request using the SEAM's online form. Students may not withdraw from courses using SIS. Notice to the instructor of intent to withdraw is not sufficient, nor are telephone withdrawals accepted. The last date to withdraw from a class without academic penalty (without receiving the grade of F) is published by the Registrar's Office under the Registration Deadlines. Students who withdraw after the deadline or stop attending class at any time without properly submitting an official add/drop form receive an ‘F’ (Failure) for the course. Tuition refunds are calculated from the date of receipt of the add/drop form in the Registrar’s Office. International students on an F-1 visa are advised to contact the Office of International Services before withdrawing from or dropping a course.

Note: Federal aid recipients who withdraw from all coursework in a semester may have aid returned to the federal government according to federal “Return of Title IV funds” regulations, a copy of which can be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid. Aid recipients who withdraw from some courses in the semester but not all their courses may have their aid awards adjusted to the reduced cost of attendance. Students who drop to less than half-time status prior to beginning the class may have their federal aid canceled, even if some portions have already been refunded to them for living expenses. Students will receive a bill from the school for the balance due. Withdrawing from classes may also impact future aid eligibility. Financial Aid recipients are advised to consult with their academic advisor and the financial aid staff prior to withdrawing from classes. Students using VA benefits should contact the VA Certifying Official immediately.

Course Load

Full-time students may not enroll in more than 16 credits total per semester.

Part-time students may not enroll in more than 10 credits total per semester unless approved by an academic advisor.

For Graduate Level Students (Fall and Spring Semesters)

  • Not registered – 0 credits
  • Less than ½-time – 1 to 4 credits
  • Half-time – 5 to 6 credits
  • ¾-time – 7 to 8 credits
  • Full-time – 9 or more credits

For Graduate Level Students (Summer Only)

  • Not registered – 0 credits
  • Less than ½-time – 1 to 2 credits
  • Half-time – 3 to 4 credits
  • ¾-time – 5 credits
  • Full-time – 6 or more credits

Independent Study Requests

Matriculated students who wish to study a topic or area not represented in the curriculum may complete an independent study request form. Students may only complete an independent project on a topic that does not duplicate either a course offered at Carey, or coursework transferred from another college or university.

Students must request guidelines and proposal forms from their academic advisor and may not register for the independent study until their proposals are approved in writing by their academic advisor, faculty sponsor, and academic program director. Proposal forms must be submitted by the following deadlines:

  • April 1st for Summer semester,
  • May 1st for Fall semester,
  • November 1st for Spring semester.

Students may not take more than one independent study.

Interdivisional Registration

During the fall and spring terms, degree-seeking graduate students at the Carey Business School may register for courses in another school at Johns Hopkins by submitting a request using the SEAM's online form. Students admitted to full-time programs may enroll in courses at other divisions without additional tuition charges during fall and spring semesters, but will be responsible for any additional fees. Students admitted to part-time programs pay the per-credit tuition rate of the school offering the course and any additional fees required.

Students from other divisions in the university may request to enroll in courses offered by the Carey Business School by submitting their registration request via the SEAM's online form, including any necessary permission from their academic advisor or the appropriate school program director or advisor. Courses must be taken for a grade. Carey Business School students have priority in registering for Carey Business School courses. Students from other JHU divisions who request to take Carey courses will have their enrollments processed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the session. All interdivisional students must abide by these policies, procedures, and deadlines. All published prerequisites for the course must be met prior to enrollment.

Undergraduate students from other divisions in the university are not allowed to enroll in graduate-level courses at the Carey Business School. 

During the summer session, students do not follow the interdivisional registration procedures noted above. Students from other Johns Hopkins divisions in full-time programs that are not in session who want to enroll in Carey Business School summer courses have to be admitted as a Carey non-degree seeking student. Those students should then follow the registration procedures outlined in the Registration section. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office.

Interdivisional registration is not available during the summer for Carey Business School Students. Carey students who would like to take classes at other Johns Hopkins divisions during the summer should contact the Registrar’s Office of the other division to confirm enrollment requirements. Students will be responsible for the tuition and fees for summer interdivisional courses.

Note: Financial Aid recipients and students using VA benefits should inform the Office of Financial Aid of any interdivisional registration.


Part-Time Students

Students who officially withdraw during an academic term will receive tuition refunds based on the Refund Deadlines provided below. Refunds apply only to the tuition portion of a student’s charges and are calculated from the date that the school receives an official add/drop form.

Federal aid recipients who withdraw from all coursework may have aid returned to the federal government according to federal “Return of Title IV funds” regulations.

Those partially withdrawing may have their aid awards adjusted to the reduced cost of attendance. Students who drop to less than half-time prior to commencing the courses that require half-time attendance will have their federal aid canceled, even if some portions have already been refunded to them for living expenses. Students receive a bill from the school for any remaining balance due.

If a course is canceled by the school, the tuition is refunded in full. All other refunds approved in the Registrar’s Office will be in accordance with the refund schedule. A refund may take 4 to 6 weeks to process. Students will receive refunds according to their original method of payment.

Full-Time Students

Students who officially withdraw prior to an academic term will receive a full tuition refund, excluding Health Insurance and other non-refundable fees.

A full-time student who is academically suspended receives an honor code violation, and/or is required to leave Carey for a semester or permanently, will not receive a refund for tuition charged at the time of the suspension or departure. A prorated portion of the tuition will be applied to future semesters based on the refund schedule for academically suspended students. If a student fails to return or is dismissed permanently, no refund will be given. In instances where a student is receiving federal financial aid, the aid will be recalculated and refunded to the federal government. The student is still responsible for the entirety of the tuition.

In order to receive the degree for the full-time student’s program of study, the student must pay the entire published cost of the tuition, regardless of the number of terms needed to complete the degree.

Exceptions to the Refund Policy: Students who experience events beyond their control may request an exception to the course refund policy by submitting a General Petition Form to the Registrar’s Office. Petitions must be submitted in the same semester in which the course was taken and must be accompanied by documentation of the circumstances leading to the request. Students who experience severe medical problems, a death in their immediate family, or who are called into active military duty may receive a 100% refund. Other requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and refund amounts (if awarded) will be decided by the Registrar. Petitions are reviewed monthly, and notification of the final decision is sent to the student by email.