Academic Policies

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering offer myriad opportunities for intellectual exploration, academic challenge, and personal growth. To satisfy academic goals and assure progress toward graduation, students should take action and responsibility for the following:

  • Seek advice from multiple faculty, and other university professionals,
  • Meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester,
  • Learn the information contained within this online catalogue. Failure to do so does not excuse you from responsibility for the rules and procedures,
  • Track your completion of degree requirements,
  • Consult your advising office about any questions concerning academic policy.

All students are expected to observe the academic policies and practices of the university; personal difficulties, illness, and/or advice contradicting the rules and procedures does not constitute automatic grounds for exemption from these rules or procedures. Written requests for exceptions must be submitted to the student's academic advising office. After review, a student will be notified whether the exception is approved.

Students who have concerns of an academic nature related to teaching or other aspects of course delivery may contact the Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education of their school.

The University reserves the right to change rules, procedures and other information within this website as appropriate. This website is not to be regarded as a contract. If you have questions, contact your school's advising office.