Johns Hopkins University is proud to offer a rigorous and interdisciplinary graduate education taught by faculty who are academic and research leaders in their fields. Across the nine divisions of the university there are approximately 20,000 full-time and part-time graduate students working in over 180 fields of study. Combined with exceptional university facilities and resources, the endeavors of graduate students have contributed to groundbreaking discoveries, expansive and innovative collaborations, and the advancement of knowledge throughout the university and beyond.

The policies, procedures, resources, and opportunities included in this section are relevant for graduate students enrolled in the full-time degree programs in the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS) and the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) on the Homewood campus. 

Student Right to Know Information

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended in 2008, includes many student disclosures and reporting requirements by universities. These requirements include statistics and/or information on the following subjects:

  1. Retention and graduation rates;
  2. Financial assistance available to students and requirements and restrictions imposed on Title IV aid;
  3. Crime statistics on campus;
  4. Athletic program participation rates and financial support; and
  5. Other institutional information including: the cost of attendance, accreditation and academic program data, facilities and services available to disabled students, and withdrawal and refund policies.

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