Inclement Weather Policy

When there is an alteration or curtailment of the university operating schedule or the operating schedule of a designated unit, an official announcement will be made on the University Emergency Telephone Hotline and on the Johns Hopkins website at Since conditions may vary in the geographic areas where Johns Hopkins has campuses, there may be times when the Required Attendance Policy is invoked for some campuses, departments or units and not others.

Carey Business School Additional Information

Participation in lectures, discussions, and other activities is an essential part of the instructional process. Students are expected to attend class; those who are compelled to miss class meetings must inform their instructors of the reasons for absences prior to the class meeting. Faculty members often include classroom participation and attendance in student grading and evaluation. Instructors will clearly communicate expectations and grading  policy in the course syllabus. Students who expect to miss several class sessions for personal, professional, or other reasons are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to consider alternative courses prior to registration. For religious observances, please see the section below.

In order to maintain the academic integrity of our programs, it is important that any class session that is missed due to weather, instructor illness or other emergency is made up, and that any missed material is covered. However, faculty members have considerable latitude over how the class sessions will be made up and have two options from which to choose.

They may:

  • Plan and schedule a virtual class session
  • Re-schedule the class period to a designated make-up day (Designated make-up days are scheduled at the end of each 8-week term or semester. Please see the Academic Calendar)

Whenever a class session is cancelled, each faculty member may choose the appropriate make-up alternative for that particular class. The faculty member must notify the students in the class and the Office of Education about which option will be used to make up the class period.

This policy is designed to address those situations when a single class day has been cancelled. Weather emergencies or other events that result in multiple-day cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please call the University Weather Emergency Line at 410-516-7781 or 1-800-548-9004 or visit for more information.

School of Nursing Additional Information

The university and school will make every effort to remain open and hold classes at all scheduled times, however there are times when the university, campus or school operations must be interrupted. On-site classes will meet unless operation of the University or School has been officially curtailed. Students, faculty, and staff are not permitted on campus if the university or the school is closed except in the case of required attendance on-site personnel. In order to maintain the continuity of the School’s academic mission, online courses will continue even if the university or school is closed or if a building closure is necessary. Some on-site courses may continue by utilizing distance learning technology.

Clinical hours missed when the university is closed do not need to be made up.