Program Requirements 


Please Note: In the following Curriculum and Plans of Study, School of Public Health courses are offered on the quarter system and are depicted here as [credits & units] and count accordingly in each school. 

Core Courses
NR.210.609Philosophical, Theoretical & Ethical Basis of Advanced Nursing Practice3
NR.210.608The Research Process and Its Application to Evidence-Based Practice3
NR.210.607Context of Health Care for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NR.110.560Program Development and Evaluation in Health Care2
NR.500.604Population-Based Public Health Nursing Interventions (168CL)3
Joint JHSON & Public Health Requirements
NR.500.601Public Health Nursing Theory & Practice (5u)3
NR.500.602Public Health Nursing Theory & Practice - Practicum (5u/168CL)3
NR.500.605Public Health Nursing Leadership & Management (5u)3
NR.500.606Public Health Nursing Leadership, Management, & Evaluation Capstone Practicum (5u/168CL)3
Nursing Electives
Select six credits6
Management Elective3-4
Social Behavioral Elective3-4
Biological Elective3-4
Public Health Requirements
Assessing Population Needs*
Biologic and Genetic Factors*
Biology and Public Health*
Capstone Project*
Communication Strategies*
Environmental Health*
Foundational Public Health Knowledge*
Health Equity*
Interprofessional Practice*
Leadership, Governance, Management*
Negotiation and Mediation*
Population Dynamics*
Public Health Policy/Problem Solving*
Public Health Practice*
Qualitative Methods*
Quantitative Methods*
Resource Management and Budgeting*
Systems Thinking*
General Public Health Competencies (Choose five competencies from the public health concentration competencies.)
Minimum of 62.5 PH units are required for MPH completion. This includes 20 units of joint NR courses.
*Units vary by course selected within the requirement. See MSN/MPH Curriculum Planner for options.

Program Total: 36 SON Credits [cr]/504 Clinical Hours [CL] & 62.5 PH Units [u]