Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are available to offer support and direction as students navigate their experience at the Carey Business School. By consulting with academic advisors throughout their degree or certificate programs, students can connect to available resources, ease the registration process, ensure conformity to program curricula and regulations, select coursework to best meet career or professional goals, and stay on track for timely completion of their academic program(s). Each student is assigned an academic advisor after confirmed acceptance. Advising may be done in person, by phone, via Skype, or by email.

When Students Should Seek Advising

Students can connect with their assigned advisor at any time. Advisors will typically connect with students at the beginning, midpoint, and endpoint of their academic program. New students are expected to meet with their assigned advisor for an introductory advising session or orientation session prior to the start of their first semester. Students on academic probation or suspension are required to meet with an advisor prior to re-registration. Any student seeking special requests such as grade appeals, general petitions, transfer of credit, academic program withdrawal, or leave of absence* must first contact his or her academic advisor who can assist with the process.

*All students who are absent for more than one calendar year, including students on Leave of Absence, will be required to apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions before being permitted to register.