The Program in Cell, Molecular Developmental Biology and Biophysics (CMDB) gives students a strong background in modern biology and physical biochemistry. This combination prepares students to study complex biological phenomena using quantitative physical methods. The training faculty reside in the T. C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics, the Biology Department, and the Carnegie Institutions Department of Embryology, all located on the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. Students take core graduate courses in cell, molecular, and developmental biology, and in biophysics, and complete four eight-week rotations their first year. Other requirements include the Graduate Board Oral Preliminary Examination, given before the end of the second year, and successful defense of the dissertation.

For more information about CMDB, please check its website ( Interested applicants can apply online via the program website or by U. S. mail to:

Ms. Joan Miller (
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
CMDB Program
Department of Biology
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Financial Aid

Two National Institutes of Health training grants currently provide stipend and tuition support: one is for students who enroll in PMB and the other is for those who enter CMDB. Students supported by these training grants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. In addition, several research assistantships funded by grants and contracts awarded to faculty by outside agencies may be available to qualified students. University fellowships providing remission of tuition are also available. Graduate students in biophysics are eligible for and encouraged to apply for various nationally administered fellowships, such as National Science Foundation fellowships. Information on these and other support mechanisms can be obtained through the fellowship advisor at the applicant’s college or from the National Research Council:

Attn: Fellowships
1000 Thomas Jefferson St.
Washington, D.C., 20007.

It is anticipated that financial support covering normal living costs and tuition will be made available to accepted students. Support for foreign students is extremely limited.